Winter Camping and Backpacking - Your Gear

Winter backpacking can be one of the most exhilarating experiences for anyone interested in the outdoors, and backpacking. However, proper attire will ensure a comfortable, and safe experience for a backpacker.
First, dress in layers, and makes sure your gear is ready to pack more clothing, because you will be carrying more than your usual day long hike.

winter camping

Also, make sure your sleeping bag is adequate for cold nights. A 3 season 20 degree sleeping bag will suffice under most circumstances. However, if you believe you will be staying overnight at very cold temperature, you may consider getting a warmer sleeping bag.
Make sure your boots are warm, and waterproof. Do not wear extra socks, because you want to make sure your feet have plenty of room in your boots. Cutting off circulation is not going to help you stay warm.
Make sure you have a hat, beanie and gloves or mittens.
Sunscreen, and sunglass is paramount to avoid sunburn, because of the reflective snow.

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